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Navigating a pointcloud

You can navigate a pointcloud using the mouse or the keyboard.


  • cursor-move-all-direction-2add-2mouse-leftLeft mouse button + move: rotate
  • mouse-leftmouse-leftLeft mouse button double click: Zoom in
  • mouse-leftMouse wheel + scroll: zoom in/out
  • cursor-move-all-direction-2add-2mouse-scrollMouse wheel + click + drag: move


  • W: move forward
  • S: move backward
  • A: move left
  • D: move right
  • Q: move down
  • E: move up
  • F: focus
  • H: home

Why does the pointcloud move different than I expect?

To keep the user experience throughout Street Smart the same, the behavior of the mouse is not similar to that in the cyclorama window.
You may be accustomed that other applications react exactly opposite.

Updated on June 15, 2021

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