Map navigation

Basic navigation

zoombaricon-zoomouticon-zoominTo zoom in and out on the map, scroll with your mouse or use the scroll functionality on your touchpad. Alternatively, you can use the zoom bar in the top-left corner of the map viewer, or use the plus and minus buttons in the menu bar in the bottom of the map viewer.

icon-overlaysIf the zoom bar is not visible, you can turn it on via the layer icon in the menu (choose Viewer > Show zoom slider).

Like zooming, panning works similar as in other map applications: drag the map by keeping your mouse button or touchpad button down while moving the map in the desired direction. If you have a touchscreen you can also use your fingers to drag the map around.


icon-compassThe map is orientated to the North by default. In case you wish to rotate the map, first turn on the compass by clicking the compass icon in the menu bar on the bottom of the map viewer. Then drag the compass ring to change orientation. Double click anywhere on the compass to go back to the default North orientation.

Updated on July 3, 2016

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