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Downloading a pointcloud

How can I download a pointcloud?

Contact your accountmanager.

In which format can I download a pointcloud?

The selected area will be devided into tiles of 50c50 cm. There will be one LAZ-file per tile. In addition to the LAZ-files, a SHP-file will be included, which contains the bounding box per file and the filename of the corresponding LAZ-file. This makes it easier to find the right file.

Where can I find the capture date of the pointcloud?

Registrating a pointcloud is a continuous process, unlike a single cyclorama. Parts of the same point cloud can be recorded at different times. The best indication can be found by opening the nearest cyclorama. A part of the recording of this cyclorama could be part of the pointcloud.

Aktualisiert am Oktober 10, 2018

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