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Understanding measurements

icon-measuringStreet Smart allows you to measure in both Cycloramas and the map. To start a measurement, click the measuring icon in the bottom menu bar of one of the viewers. You will get a popup window with the following measurement options:

  • Location
  • Distance
  • Surface
  • Circular Surface (map only)
  • Orthogonal (Cyclorama only)
  • Height (Cyclorama only)

When you are doing a measurement you will get information about your measurement in a small window in the right corner of the viewer, which is the measurement information window.

measuresmartclickIf you measure in a Cyclorama, more measurement options appear in the Measure mode toolbar above the viewers. Here you can switch between two measurement modes:

  1. Surface mode (switch left)
  2. Smart Click mode (switch right)

icon-depthcycloramasSurface mode is only available for depth Cycloramas (where lidar data is captured in addition to the photographic imagery) and makes it possible to obtain a 3D measurement with one single Cyclorama. To see the lidar data (point cloud) behind a Cyclorama, switch on the 3D depth mode in the measure mode toolbar (switch right). When in Surface mode you will see a surface cursor that follows the contours of the object in the image. This makes it easier to accurately pinpoint the right measurement point.

Smart Click mode uses image matching technology to match the location of your click with the same location in other Cycloramas to obtain a 3D measurement. After you click on a location you will see the image matches in the measurement information window.

Note: you can switch between the two measurement modes at any time, even within one measurement sequence. However, Surface mode is only available for depth Cycloramas. In case there is no depth Cyclorama available, Street Smart will automatically switch to Smart Click mode.

changemeasurementYou can start a new measurement by selecting the type in the upper right bar. By selecting the arrow down you can start a different measurement type.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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