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Measurement types

icon-measurement-locationLocation measurement

Measuring a location gives you the coordinates of the point you have clicked.

In the map you will get 2D coordinates, in a Cyclorama you will get 3D coordinates.

icon-measurement-distanceDistance measurement

A distance measurement is a sequence of two or more points (simply click in the map or Cyclorama to set each point). You will see the distance of each line segment (between two subsequent points) as well as the total distance of all lines segments.

icon-measurement-surfaceSurface measurement

A surface measurement is very similar to a distance measurement, but connects the first and last point to form a closed polygon (surface). You will get both the distance measurement and the area size with this type of measurement.

icon-measurement-circularsurfaceCircular measurement

A circular measurement is available in the map viewer only. It allows you to draw the diameter of a circular area by clicking twice on the map. A circle is drawn automatically between the points you clicked. You can find the calculated area and perimeter in the measurement information window.

Orthogonal measurementorthogonal

A orthogonal measurement is available in the Cyclorama only. It allows you to do measure an orhogonal line. The first two points are for the base line, the third point will create the orthogonal line on the base line. The third point does not have to be between the first two points.

Height measurementheight

A height measurement is available in the Cyclorama only. After you measure the first point a line will stick to the mouse and you can select a second point right above or below the first point.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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